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Poetry Reading – Bill Manhire March 16th

At Vic Books the Indelible Poets on Compostable Cups event was held.

The poems are being  read by some of Victoria’s most prolific poets such as; Bill Manhire, Louise Wallace, James Brown and Airini Beautrais

Our development team went along to experience Bill Manhire’s readings of is past and current works, from his book that is out soon.

Site Visit Thursday 9th

Today I visited the sites of each AR interaction to bug test aspect of the map design to see what improvements and fixes needed to be made. Each paragraph will refer to the image above it.


Some of the building shapes are misaligned so this will need to be fixed in the overlay or we will need to rethink our implementation of buildings in the open street maps API


The solace in the wind title is pixelated. Also the Icon could be changed? 3D, or increased in size.


Small 3D trees were added to this build, Jeff and I like how they add depth to the map so we will redesign then to suit the aesthetic and revisit them later.


The text in the sea/water looks great and complements the loos of the map. Also the fade effect that Jeff has added is a nice touch (on the horizon).


Site Visit Feb 10 NFT Overlay Tests

These tests were based around the creation of an overlay which specifies to the user what to focus the camera on to generate the NFT content. The overlay disappears once the NFT has been tracked. IMG_0509

Once the tracking works a small square was programmed to appear this will be replaced with interactive content now that we know it works. This stingray NFT were successful except for the sizing of the NFT on the UI. This will be amended. IMG_0510

The Text NFT was unsuccessful however although the overlays sizing was better than the stingray.

Below is the closest we could get to matching the Text NFT to the marker.




For this site visit we aimed to test the functionality of the geo location tracking as well as live testing the natural feature tracking at each of the three writers walk sculptures ( except Bill Manhire).


At Vincent O’Sullivan’s Sculpture we tested the NFT, with a small cube appearing at the bottom of the NFT marker to show it was working. It did take a while for the tracking  to work however so we took another hi res image of the stingray to make into a better NFT marker image for tracking.


We then proceeded to Bill Manhire’s Sculpture to test the location tracking, this worked without any problems (the 3D object spun faster depending on how close we were to the sculpture).


Our next stop was Katherine Mansfield and the geo location tracking worked well with this sculpture too. The pop up that says augmented view is what the user will tap to initiate the AR views(360 and NFT).


The NFT AR also worked once initialize but this still needs work. so as before we have re taken some NFT Images to revisit and refine this tracking.  Overall this Site Visit yielded some successful testing  and has given us information to build on from this point onwards.

NFT update

Here are the updated NFT markers. The stingray may need to have its marker level reduced but we will be field testing to improve the final tweaks. The marker photos have been shot with taking the viewers angle and position in to consideration so should offer a quicker initialisation


BM_2 Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 5.39.36 PM


KM_2Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 5.39.13 PM


VO_2 Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 5.38.40 PM

Dev Meting 18 Jan

Today we are meeting to see the amazing job Seb has done linking his CMS in Silver stripe into a Unity Project which we will be building our Application within.

We got the system to input the user created data (user poems) from unity into the system. Then grabbing the user created data back into Unity (it works both ways).IMG_9288

We also Played with a Google tango which Jeff Brought into Uni to test (see the videos below)



Katherine Mansfield House Visit

6th Jan

Jeff and I went for a trip over to Katherine Mansfield’s House in Thorndon.

Below is an image gallery of the trip.

We were also given a link to a short documentary based on Mansfield which i plan to watch tonight.

A Portrait of Katherine Mansfield:

Also as I walked through town I came across a sculpture of  Katherine Mansfield which we could drawn inspiration.


Dynamic Rope – Field test

Here is a screen shot of the dynamic rope script with the 360 AR view.

The anchor box is a place holder and will be swapped for a knob like model that will be able to rotate left or right to “reel” the rope and bring the content closer or push the content further away from the user allowing for an interactive zoom and spacial organisation mechanic.

The “nice to have” for this element would be tying it into a wind direction API so that the ropes would get pushed in the direction of the wind