Kudan and Markerless Tracking

Move from Marker Tracking

As seen from the various experiments and developments  in this blog we have been having issues with marker based tracking. To hopefully mitigate these issues and due to the updated tracking technology that has become available we have decided to test and integrate markerless tracking.

Markerless Tracking

“Markerless AR” is a term used to denote an Augmented Reality application that does not need any pre-knowledge of a user’s environment to overlay 3D content into a scene and hold it to a fixed point in space. Until recently, most AR fell under the category of “marker-based AR,” which required the user to place a “tracker” — an image encoded with information that’s translated by complex software to produce a 3D object that maintains spacial orientation within a scene. The markerless tracking we have decided to use allows the user to place the 3D object in the scene.IMG_1248

Kudan & Water mark

Keeping within our imposed limitation of free-ware we were recommended to use Kudan as the tracking software (replacing ARToolkit). The only downside of this integration was the inclusion of a sizeable watermark in the top right corner of the screen.