-Generates poem as they walk? the closer they get the more the found poem builds up.

-User Testing who can we test with? We should look into this.

-Construct user generated poems through jumbling up the original words of the poems they are near

AR Concepts

We should aim to populate the world with new virtual objects that are not possible in the physical world to create a new experience. This experience should be intractable. Also should play with typography.

-Words become the landscape

-Words intractable able to jumble them up/ rearrange them, create your own poem

-Poetry forming into new poems, shimmering

45e31edd45b1a9da47c4f153616d3228-Concrete Poetry, forming words into visual shapes.

Poetry in which the meaning or effect is conveyed partly or wholly by visual means, using patterns of words or letters and other typographical devices.

We need to remember that difficult to understand technology is not always easy to understand and we shouldn’t treat people like they don’t know anything to make it easier.¬†


UI Redesign

Thanks to Seb for this. The new Icons are  bolder and more appropriate for mobile


The final app could be put forward as a Digital Futures Proposal