After the poetry reading we caught up with Sydney at the Wai-te-Ata Press and had a meeting about development so far. The points below were covered over the course of the meeting.

  • Navigation, Replacing the spinning way points with a radar system which is easier to understand, we could base this around the user model or the way-points themselves depending on what works best (some testing needed here).508884-pokemon-go-main-image


  • Revision of the icon labels, can we make these more clear for the user ( 360 AR?  and Arrows)


  • As above except making the names of the menus more clear and specific, specifically the Library, and user generated poems, we also need to consider weather we need some text or could get rid of some text (such as the toggle part of toggle audio as it is implied in the interface, also the same goes for Navigation: Kathrine, get rid of the Navigation part)


  • Not necessary but more user models / avatars? we could make them like chess pieces or put the users faces on them? Again this idea is an extra for experts.


  • Street Signs a great Idea keep developing them.  The street signs are 3D objects on the map which point in the directions of different way-points giving the user another general, idea of which direct to head.


  • Wai te ata Press logo on the Website, get the logo off Sydney for the website


  • We need to see more of the map during the way-point selection as there are more sculptures around the Oriental Parade Area of the WaterfrontSculpture Map


  • On the note of the Way-point -map maybe we can draw some inspirations from gaming mini-maps/ maps?


  • User Generated Poems, we could have a share button to tweet the poems out with our hashtag for an online, self curated data base on twitter. This would also limit the found poems to being 140 Characters which could work well. #wellingtonlitatlas


  • Kenetic Typography Ideas for AR interactions? See video below