Jeff’s plan to give the user some way finding is as follows:

There is an arrow at the base of the user icon, it points towards the writer that the user wants to go and see (based on its location data, Longitude and Latitude)

Users can pick which writers they want to get directions to on a tab on the main map screen, all writers will be able o be selected at all times.

We believe this will allow for easy navigation bot far away and in close proximity to the writer locations. This solution is also scalable so we can add more writers easily to it (right now we just have 3).

IMG_0572AR Content Concept

This AR content would be generated 360 degrees around the user.

A road would circle around the user in the center and a car would be driving around that road. Like a popup book 3D assets such as trees and houses would appear next to this car (1). Then as the car moved into the city more dense 3D assets and buildings would appear(2).

This is to simulate the car driving into Wellington. Hills and landmarks such as the Beehive could be created to symbolise this.