These are notes taken during the meeting and are published here to keep a record

Icons– Icons should be added to the map that are designed to suit the target audience of teenagers to young adults. This could include coffee shops skate parks and other activities / locations that would appeal to this audience.

Signal Icon-Could we define this better? We are using a recognised icon (in terms of cellphone reception) but we will need to test if this translates to the user in the future?

Wayfinding – If users are not at the waterfront they will need directions. We discussed the options of an arrow or a guiding lines that snaked through the streets. How accurate do we need it to be?Side note-Do we fill the users time with audio recordings as a playlist? Could we do this if they are far away to fill ther journey time?

Radar Ping- Adding a radar around the user/ the Points of interest could help the user know whether they are in range of the experience(like Pokemon Go)

Information of each writer fields?


AR Content

-Visual representations of the poem?

-Transforming Typography, The words of the poem animate around the user?

-Creating a library of poems based off one poem, like a book that the user can page through based off the sculpture/ in the same style as the sculpture?