Precedent – Uber (map and way-finding)


The users phone uses location services to locate the user on a map accurately. There is also a radar that emanates from the user.


Tap Navigation

The UBER map  navigation iuses basic smart phone tap interactions they are as follows:

Directional navigation– press and slide in the direction

Scaling– pinch to zoom in/out

Double Tap- to zoom in


Home button

No matter where the user navigates to on the map there is a small button on the bottom right of the UI that is a shortcut back to the users position on the map.

There is no rotation control and the map is always in a North facing direction (north is at the top of the screen)


Colour Scheme key

Roads- White

Parks- Green

Water- Blue

Ground- Grey



Uber cars are identified as car icons. These icons are postioned in the direction that the car is traveling. Other icons are similar to those of google maps and donote locations of significacnce or other places of interest such as bus stops.



Text is  white outlined and scales to view. The text also starts with capitals and then uses lowercase letters.



Slides in from the side of the app and is accessed through a button on the map.